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Announcer's voice: welcome to sony theatres! (this line was changed to "welcome to loews theaters" when sony theatres was changed to loews)

(scene switch to big bird and the muppets in a big, i mean, a big theater! i mean, a really big and huge theater)

Big bird: grab a seat!

Elmo: excuse elmo. (he keeps saying this while he keeps passing the moviegoers by until we hear this)

Grover: elmo???!!! i just washed the fur!

Elmo: sorry.

All: here's our theater
Here's our seats
That's the lobby

Singing popcorn: we're the eats!

All: ( not sure about this word ) ...the tickets!

Oinker sisters: wo, wo, wo!
That's the exit where you go

All: and don't forget to watch the movie
Don't forget to watch the show

Baby bear: thank you very much for coming
(i like baby bear's part because he "bears" a striking resemblance to elmer fudd when he talks, so it sounds like "vewwy" instead of "very")

All: hello!!
(they start greeting the guests! "hola!" "greetings", etc.)

Zoe: don't talk!

Bert, ernie, and the rest: (hushed) don't talk
During the movie
(loudly) during the movie!

All: don't smoke!
Don't smoke!

Benny rabbit: hey, it isn't legal!

All: it isn't legal

Telly: don't litter

All: throw away your trash

Oscar: (spoken) movies are a lot more fun than ever!

All: (sung) and also, don't surf! don't surf!

Herry and ???: there is no water!

Elmo: there is no water??!????

All: don't dance with a bear
Don't sing grand opera

Gladys the cow: moo-moo-moo-moo-moooooooooooooooo!
(on the mooooooooooooooo it comes to the fact that gladys's voice echoes in reverbish style because she's close, way too close to the camera!)

All: don't munch on a chair!
Don't do this!
Don't do that!
Don't do any of these!
(they start doing funny stuff e.g. replace nose, blow raspberry and this)

Mumford: (spoken) a la peanut butter sandwiches!

(everyone onscreen disappears -- well, almost everyone)

Count: and also...

All: (sung) don't forget to watch the movie!
Don't forget to watch the show!

Elmo: (spoken) enough "don't"s!!!!

All: (sung) don't forget to watch the movie!
Let's go!

Bobo ???: (spoken) leeeeeeeet's go!!!

All: (chanting) mo-vie! mo-vie! mo-vie! movie! mo-vie! mo-vie! mo-vie...

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