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Nikki Webster

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Have you ever been told that
You're no good at what you do
Have you ever been singled out
'cause you're trying to be you
What ever they say
Just turn your back away
'cause you know deep inside
You're doing the best that you can do

Hold no fear
Dont ever shed a tear
Believe in yourself
Never ever let their hollow words
Ever get you down

Dont give up
Dont give in
Dont let anybody put you in a spin
Dont let go of your dreams
Say to yourself
It's only going to make you stronger
It's only going to lift me higher

Have you ever
Been made to feel
That you dont belong at all
You try to be different
Some people just want to see you fall
Whatever they do
Just try to keep you're cool
'cause you know you've gotta be strong
To do the things you wanna do

Make a stand
It's worth taking a chance
Hold onto your dreams
Never ever let anyone
Else make you loose your way


Whenever you're made to feel all alone
(tell yourself just be strong, just be cool, just be true)
Just remember you sure can stand on your own

Chorus till end

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