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Timothy B. Schmit

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(t. b. schmit)

Living in the city it's a hazy way
Picking up the pieces that get in my way
But one thing i can clearly see
That's when you're looking, looking straight into me
Don't you know it
Won't you show it

Don't give up
Baby watcha trying to do
Don't give up
Just cause you're feeling blue
Don't give up
Girl you gotta understand
Don't give up
I can lend a helping hand

I can feel your confusion 'round and 'round
Staring out the window, hearing the sound
Of people, people talking about
What they know nothing, nothing about
Can't you see it
Don't you feel it

Don't give up...

Do you think you're the only girl whose been troubled
And on the run
Well listen to me one time baby
You and me, we're gonna see the sun

Don't give up

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