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Tyler Fiore

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Raised to sit on a pedestal.
Do as you're told, never break the mold.
Until you came into my life, i finally knew.
Who i wanted to be, what i wanted to do.
I found that i wanted to be with you and that i would
Break all the rules, just to be with you.

Chorus: don't go away (repeat) i wanna be with you.

I'm use to being played. knowing nothing but lies.
It's such a shame. love to me was nothing but a fake game, fools played. but now that i met you and i don't want you to go away.


Doesn't it matter? what i'd do for you?
I'd break all the rules just to be with you.
Tell you i know.
Don't go away
It's not a love game i wanna be with you
So don't leave me.

Don't go away (repeat)

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