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Kenzie Leigh

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Date de parution : 01/02/2012

Durée : 0:03:18

Style : Country

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I see the way you look at her
Makes me think i'm not sure
Not sure

Seems like it's been a while
Since i've seen that same smile
That smile

To your friends, i'm just a girl
But to you, i better be your world


Don't go now
I need your touch
I need your smile
I need your love

Don't go now
Can't take the pain
Can't take this hurt
Can't take the shame

Don't go now
Don't go now

Now i know it's not true
I see it from your point of view
I do

I don't know how to prove
That i trust you 'cause i do
I do

To my friends, you're just a guy
But to me, you're the reason why


I now believe
I can feel the relief
Of knowing that you are telling me
The complete truth

So close to heartache
Like porcelain, i can break
Now again i feel like
I'm precious to you
Precious to you


See the way you look at me
That's the way it ought to be

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