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Ziggy Marley

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Don't go nowhere, oh, can't you see
That i still care and my love it is strong?

With all of my heart i do
With all of my breath i say
Wanting to see you
Each and everyday

Some good things are gone
Some are on their way
Babe, and i'm telling you
I'm begging you please stay

Don't go nowhere, oh, no, oh, can't you see
That i still care? well, my love it is strong

Speak no word, baby
Utter no sound
I've got to tell you, i've got to tell you
How i'm feeling right now

My love is all, my heart is still fond
I mean my hopes and my dreams
Can come true with only one
Don't go nowhere

Oh, can't you see that i still care?
My love, yes, it's strong

All emotions you will feel
I will fill your empty needs
I'm not promising you heaven
But as close as we could be

Babe, you're more than a blessing
You're a miracle to me
And i can't do without you, no way
You see you're my everything
So i'm giving in, don't go nowhere

Oh, can't you see that i still care
My love, it is strong, don't go nowhere

I need you, don't go nowhere
I love you, don't go nowhere
My heart yearns, don't go nowhere
Can you understand me, baby?

My love is all, don't go nowhere
My heart is still fond, don't go nowhere
Don't go nowhere, you're my only one

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