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Michael Arthur

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Well let me tell you something
Theres some things
Only mammas know
She said if were gonna to take that band-aid off
We dont wanna do it slow
She promised me that it would hurt much less
If i closed my eyes and tried to guess

Prom time came, struttin my stuff
One look at her and i wasnt so tough
Wild and free in the evenin sun
She kissed me quick and said lets go have some fun
And baby dont go slow
Put it to the floor and dont go slow

Another piece down the road of life
That fiery girl became my wife
She looked at me with that twinkle in her eye
I tried to talk but i could only sigh
When she said kiss me hard and
Dont go slow
Kiss me hard and baby dont go slow

Well another ways down that road
After years of carrying lifes load
She hit me with her ring
Said you don't mean a thing
I realized what i had done
When i felt that sting
The thought of losing her dropped me to my knees
I picked her ring up off the floor
Held it up and whispered please baby

All i know is that if
Baby youre going to go
Please dont go slow
My heart would break in two
Dont go slow

Now shes layin there, were old and gray
Shes whisperin, baby you know id love to stay
Theres a big ole world out there to see
And its okay if you see the rest without me

So baby, dont go slow
Its my time to go
So dont go slow
Baby you go
Baby go and dont go slow

And when our time has finally come
To be together again as one
Into your open arms ill run
And you know baby

I wont go slow
Ill run to you
I wont go slow
Oh babe you know
Im gonna hold you in my arms forever
Then ill go slow

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