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Wait a minute what's going on
I can feel the change in your attitude
Sure i like you don't get me wrong
But there are things you said that you want from me
I can't give you, oh no no

I like your smile and your company
And like the way we fool around
But now you're asking too much of me
I can't hang with you if all you want is to tie me down

* so don't you hate me
I hope you understand why i've got to do what i've got to do
No don't you hate me
Baby i wouldn't lie if the time was right then it would be you

Don't hate me no, oh no

Wait a second let's talk this out
What did we say from the very start
If you had listened to what i said
Then i wouldn't have to break your heart

(repeat *)

Now sometimes i feel like you
But there's so much left to do
I could do what you want me to
And you might be happy
But i won't be happy

(repeat * , *)

Don't hate me, if i'm not in love, i'm not in love
Don't hate me, if i'm not in love, i'm not in love

(repeat * , * , *) ... till fade

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