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Kyle Bent

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Chorus : (ya'll dont hear me though ) 8x

1 verse : on the corner posted chilling,
Goons selling marijuana making millions,
Im just a kid who wanna spit like a llama,
Fill my bank with 3 commas, money long ass anacondas,
Spit hotter than a sauna, ice colder than a tundra,
Get a spaceship and fly higher than a condominium ,
Redo the past and travel back millenniums, in the 10am ,
Im killing em, and this is just the minimum,
Im way above your average spitter, i better fly cause you guys just a caterpillar ,
Torturing my competition imma savage killer, confident that i'll never meet a rapper iller,
Im positive my competitions little too none, i kill them for fun ,
And plus my pitties little or none, i'm hot as the sun,
And all these kids really my sons, i'm ill as they come ,
You think its done but its really begun,
I say it like

Chorus : (ya'll dont hear me though ) 8x

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