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Forgotten Rebels

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Don't hide your face tell me are you lookin' to me
Or just smllln' through me
Remember you used to look away like i wasn't there
I was a shadow in a crowd
I wasn't playing quite so loud
And now i hear you drop my name, you
Think you call me by the real one, it's not the same
How could you ask me what is new?
Just to pretend that you're a friend? i remember you
What you used to say, what you used to do

Sometimes you hear me on the radio and you think
That my voice screams out to you
And when you turn on the t.v. set at night
You know just where i'm going to

Cos' baby you just can't make love to a paper doll
And you can't kiss a picture on the screen
I'm no cheshire cat from some wicked fairy tale
Just ask little six year old norma jean.

I got no time to look through my past for things that didn't last
I can only look to the future
If you want you can drop your mask to show the face
You hide, inside, it hasn' died
As the other one that told the lies.

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