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Debbi (aniya's Lullaby)

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Maybe if you were them then you would get it
You finally understand what their going through
But no you won't even ask and its like u don't wanna care
And bullying is all you wanna do
Buts thats not okay with me.

*don't judge
Cuz you don't know their stories
You don't understand like you think you do
Ain't it true?
How would you like it if they did that to you?
Just don't judge*

Bet it feels great to push someone down
Just to feel like on top of the world
Even if they all seem afraid and hurt because of you
Is that why you wanna keep them out?
Thats not right.


So turn around and apologize
I can't guarentee they'll forgive you this time
But then again what do i know?

Oh don't judge