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Trystan Layne

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I just sit here singing this song,
Like we always used to do.
Don't know whya not followin' along.
Baby, just sing, too. hmm...
I just don't know you.
Every time i try
I always get a no.
I just don't know don't know why
You have to be this way
'cause everything thing i say,
It's always a no
All i think is why, why.
It is so lame,
The reply is always the same
Can't you just listen?!
Cause i'm afraid if you don't,
It will be me,
That youra be missin'
Do i have to let you go?
Oh oh
I don't know.
Oh i guess i just don't know you anymore
I just don't know you anymore.
I want you here,
And i want you near me
What you are looking for
You can't get much better.
And how much more,
Am i supposed to take?
I just,
I just,
I just don't know you anymore.
I can't believe,
This, this is happening to me.
I never thought,
You would be like this.
Well, maybe i just don't know you anymore.
Life has taken a turn,
My heart got its burn
And i want you to know
That where ever you go,
I'll be back watching,
Watching the show.
Just singing my song,
Out here alone.
Wondering why you treated me wrong.
And to think all along,
Well, hey. i guess there's nothing to say.
I guess i just don't know you anymore.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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