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(refrain: boaz)
I got money on my mind, pussy on my line
I'm getting to a dollar, shawty, i ain't got the time
I got money on my mind, hustlers on my line
And that's just all the time so i stay out on my grind

(hook: boaz)
I gotta drop this game on you
Tell you somethin' that you don't know
I might just hop this plane on you
I be places that you don't know
We do this all over the world
I know people that you don't know
I ain't got time, i'm too busy chasin' paper if you don't know

(verse 1: boaz)
I'm smokin' cali chronic, mixin' my gin with tonic
'til i'm a monster like my pops with shrimp and garlic
A glass of red wine got me tipsy
I pushed the engine to the red line
I'm going hard, all my niggas doin' fed time
Would've been on the block with niggas if i had time
But i'm too busy on the road
They got me back in mode
100 to the bone gristle never crack the code
Started as a dreamer, now my niggas sniffin' (line)
Tell ya i ain't been sleepin', drinkin' coffee with no creamer (hustle)
Same, same old, no key for the beamer
Last year i was fresh, but this year i'm much cleaner
That's the sweet smell of success in the air
Came from the ghetto, gotta stress it so my message is clear
It's time to put the game back the way it was
Separate the suckas, motivate the thugs

(verse 2: mac miller)
I got too much money on my mind, too much pussy on my line
See the way i fucked the game up should've been a crime
Ain't no fucking rookie, now you're lookin' at what's mine
I been dealing with the future, you look a little behind
I keep it 100, believe what you wanna
Was out there in europe with weezy and stunna
You real with the people the people they love ya
You got your guy i'll believe in another, that's me
So tell me who you tryna be?
Yeah, see me i'll always be pittsburg presidential
Just (?) that left his vessel
Homie we on cruise control movin' without pressin' pedals
How i'm feelin'? never better, highs fuck with drugs
Since the old days i dealt the pressure, graduated from blunts
Spent 700 thousand last year, can you do that?
I asked myself how i got here just off a few raps
Still with them homies i started with
I parted with a few of my partnerships
But we cool though, may lord protect me
Fuck with what you fuck with, you will respect me
(hook + refrain)

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