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Kelly Clarkson

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(feat kalan poter)

Why can't you see that i'm trying
To repair. our relationship cause of
All this fighting, why can't u stop all
This cheating cause its hurting both of us.

Kelly i love you but sometimes
I can't control what i do or say about
You and i'm sorry that i sneaked around
Behind your back but understand i was under perssure so.

Don't leave me now or never. we could have
Worked things out. don't leave me cause of some
Stupid things we said. so don't leave me know or never.

Ohh no don't leave me
Now or never we could have
Worked things out. don't leave me here wounded.

I promise you this that we will
Work this out as long as you don't leave me.

Don't leave me

Now or never(oh never never) we could we could
Have worked this out(yeah yeh) don't leave me cause
Of some stupid things we said. don't leave me now or never.

Ohh nooo don't leave me now or
Never no don't leave me here to fend for myself.

Oh no i won't ever leave you now
Or never i promise. oh noooooo oooh

Don't leave me now.

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