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I don't care about where you may be or stay
It don't matter how long you'll stay
I don't care as long as you're here with me
And i don't care about them and the games they play
All they want is to see us fail
What i'd give to have you here tonight

I just can't think about it
They wanna make us doubted
Why do they always have to tear us down
There's just no doubt about it
We give a damn about it
Don't want the story to end

Don't let me go ohohohoh ohohohoh
Don't let me lose all that i ever had
Don't let me go ohohohoh ohohohoh
Beggin' you please... girl i'm down on my knees

I don't care what they say, when they look our way
They don't know how we've got in pain
I don't care as long as you're by my side
I don't care if i lose everything i own
I could never survive all alone
There's no mean without you in my life

Ohohohoh ohohohoh
Don't let me go

When i lay myself to sleep at night
All i think about is you
And your voice is pounded in my head
Heal the fear that we're through

Don't let me go

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