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Hurricane #1

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I felt like i had been asleep
And woke to find the question on my lips
The longing started in my heart
And worked it's way out to my fingertips
Returning to the usual homes to say those satisfactions didn't come.
I left those steady on my feet with fever laughter forcing me to run.
Everything was shaking all around
I felt just like a number checking out
Don't look away
I'm seeing everything that's taking over of my hand beside my face.
I'm total confidence to feeling insecure and deadly out in space.
The universe was shrinking or my consciousness was changing in its size.
The last thing i remember was the feeling that the world had just capsized.
Listen girl, i'm trying to explain
That nothing anymore is quite the same
Don't look away
Listen girl, i'm trying to explain
That nothing can be right ever again
Don't look away

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