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Quantum Jump

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Oh my lord, i wonder what she'll do
No-one told me she had some kind of
Don't know how she got this hold on me
Keep on feeling like i'm stuck in a movie
Don't look now but i think i'm going crazy
Don't know how but that lady shone her
Lovelight on me
Oh baby, let me be
I'm crazy - don't look now.
Oh my lord, i wonder where i'll go
Who can tell me somewhere that lady
Don't know
Ain't no doctor who can ease my pain
Got me shaking like a tree in a hurricane
Don't look now... etc.
Oh my lord, i wonder how she knew
Did they tell her i had nowhere to run to
Ain't no use in going underground
Nothing for it but to give up and lie down
Don't look now... etc.

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