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Greg Raposo

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You say you don't know
You say it's not fair
You got your problems and you don't care
And you'd be happier without me

But if it's so good, then maybe we should
Find a way to make it better
If you want to fight it out
Then that's alright with me

But you'll see, you'll be
More than everything to me.. why hesitate

Don't make me wait
Gotta say if you want me here to stay
If you're feeling it don't hide it
Don't you throw this love away
Don't make me wait
It can work if we just communicate
Cause i want you here beside me
Baby don't you make me wait

So make up your minde
Cause i don't have time
To search for something you can't find
And if you rhink its wrong then
I will walk away

No blames, no games
But it don't have to be this way.. why hesitate

Does it have to be this complicated
Should be simple as we make it
Cause i don't want to be the one
To throw it all away
Why'd you always try to find a reason
Not to make this happen
You be the one who's asking me to stay


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