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Blake Shelton

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Date de parution : 06/12/2013

Durée : 0:04:07

Style : Country

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Girl when i look at you, you look through me
Like i'm not even there
I'm trying not to give up, to be strong but
I'm afraid to say i'm scared
I can't find the place your heart is hiding
And i'm no quitter but i'm tired of fighting
Baby i love you
Don't wanna lose you
Don't make me let you go
Took such a long time
For me to find you

Don't make me let you go
Baby i'm beggin' please, i'm down here on my knees
I don't want to have to set you free
Don't make me
What if when i'm long gone it dawns on you
You just might want me back
Let me make myself clear if i leave here
It's done, i'm gone, that's that
You carry my love around like it's a heavy burden
Well i'm about to take it back, are you sure it's worth it
2004 20

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