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What's wrong, you're not happy girl
Well, what can i do about it?
Now be strong, so get confidence
You know, you can't stick your head in the ground forever
You've got problems, so does everyone, so does everyone
You don't want me to give you charity
So, use your mind, 'cause it's all you've got
Well, your body's not too bad
You're so uptight, now don't give up girl
Isn't the way to handle it
Just livin' life, use all your mind, use all your mind

Don't run, got to make a stand
Don't run, good things are at hand
Don't run, got to understand
Don't run, 'cause you're in command

Just don't forget it
People push you around a bit, too
So it's up to you, so it's up to you
You've got courage, girl
So, use some of it
I don't mean, like, you know, you've gotta be tough or something
Just think, you'll see, it's not hard to me
Don't try to be a problem solver, these days
And don't forget, you've got to stand your ground
So, just stand your ground

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