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Cledus T. Judd

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Date de parution : 15/10/2002

Durée : 0:03:35

Style : Holiday

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I'd like to welcome everybody again and say how good it is
To see you out at the annual holy roller hall christmas fund raiser
And up next we have a fellow who we've all come to know in love
Bless him as he comes up and sings, lord, a lovely holiday carol

Cledus t. judd featuring out of sync, take it away cledus

Thank y'all so much for coming out
I appreciate it, i pardon me if i seem a little nervous
At least i'm here for a good cause
Amen, brother, i appreciate it

So if you would bear with me while i try to sing one for you
Glad you could all come tonight, appreciate you so much
And it comes from the heart and that's all that matters
That's all that matters, amen, amen

Sta, sta, here, there it is star of wonder star so bright
This one wish, i wish tonight, if i'm to live till morning's light
Please, don't serve beans on christmas night

Cook up a steak or toss some greens
But don't bake those powerful beans
'cause if i take one single bite
We won't have a silent night

And my poor dog will howl and bay
And pray that foul bouquet will go away
Though he will know from whence it came
I hope it's him my guests will blame

So don't serve beans, please don't serve beans

Cook up a steak or toss some greens
If i'm to live till morning's light
Please don't serve beans on christmas night

Thank you, thank you so much
I appreciate it, thank you, thank you

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