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The Gamits

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Date de parution : 31/01/2010

Durée : 0:02:

Style : Rock

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She says she's staying but i know she's debating and it hurts so bad.
Why bother trying when i know she's denying every word i said.
She's the hurting kind; so uncertain i should listen to my friends.
But i think it's too late and i know i should wait 'til she's gone.
I sat and waited for the day she would say that she was down.
No, never mattered how i tried she would never make a sound.
Take me for a ride. leave me for a guy that you said that you hate.
Now i know it's too late and i don't think i'll wait 'til she's gone.
Oh no, i don't know what the hell is up with girls you can't depend
On to be half as good as you are to them.
Don't take much, just your touch. i'll be good for a few.
Won't be long, then i'm gone. i'll be over you.

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