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Screeching Weasel

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Don't turn out the lights tonight i need a can of raid ants will crawl
Inside my ears and nibble on my brain there's something by the window and
It wants to get inside and it's waiting for the dark so it can eat me up
Alive you never listen when i call i end up sleeping in the hall cause
You're to busy with important things you smile and say that you believe but
You're not listening to me and now they're coming to get me why don't you
Believe it's not all inside my head something wants to eat me and it lives
Underneath my bed i gotta keep the lights on or i'll never get to sleep
Cause there's something in this bedroom and it's giving me the creeps i try
To tell you that i'm scared you act like you don't even care you just pat
Me on the head and walk away you're gabbing downstairs on the phone you
Leave me in the dark alone and now i'm gonna stay up all night don't turn
Out the lights

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