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1st verse:
Now baby i know i was wrong,
Would you please listen to me,
See i never meant to hurt you but,
I just had to go do me,
And he was just a part time love,
Someone there to fill the space,
But trust me baby when i tell you that,
He could never take your place,
Don't walk away

(baby don't walk away from me),
I need you baby,
(i need you here wit me),
I know i was wrong but i dont wanna move on),
('cause we been down for so long) so long,
Don't you walk away from me,
(don't walk away from me)

2nd verse:
And it was so confusin 'cause,
Likin him while i still love you,
I know this might sound contradictorin,
Now you tellin me i gotta chose,
So either way i lose,
He was never your substitute, i don't know why i risked losin, (why i risked losin),
You 'cause baby at the end of the day,
It's gon be you that i'm chosin don't walk away


3rd verse:
When i cry myself to sleep i'm thinkin bout you,
Please don't leave me baby,
No baby don't walk away from me now oh oh, you're the only one i need in my life it's true,
Please don't leave me baby,
Don't walk away from me now,
I really wanna work it out baby,
Baby don't walk away from me,
I need you here with me

(ad libs to chorus out)
I know i was wrong,
I don't wanna move on,
So wrong,
Don't you walk away from me,
Don't you walk away, don't you walk away,
Don't you walk away, don't you walk away,
I need you baby

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