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First Degree

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What does it mean
It beats me like the feeling of a motorbike machine
My stomach feels the vibration of thousand horses
Don`t stop me now

On this endless rattling train
It`s a journey in a landscape full of rain
Don`t stop the movement of the fast turning wheels
Don`t stop me know

Sometimes i`m driving through the dark night
Don`t wanna stop know
It`s like a never ending beat
Carry on, carry on, carry on

Just another cigarette
That`s the kick, going on and getting mad
On this trip to nowhere land
Don`t stop me now

I don`t think i`m geting tired
The speed of my bike sets the highway on fire
I`m riding on the waves of the stormy ocean
Don`t stop me now

This fantastic rhythm flight
I could`nt stand it without you on my side
Come with me just for dancing in the mountains
Don`t stop me now

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