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Chris Rea

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She's got her independence in a hard fast way
She's got me chasing shadows with everything i try to say
Some say she's far too quick, some say she's slow to learn
But all i know is she gave me love that left afterburn
And it's fire feeds me i'm hungry still
So baby listen now, i'm at your will
But i'm not a flower on your windowsill

Don't want your best friend
Don't need a godsend
Don't want your new trends
I want you

She's got a silver sabre with a diamond shine
It's not an ego-trip just her frightened way
To keep you blind
Shadow dancing, nowhere fast
You got to meet me half way
Girl if it's gonna last

I remember that first night
I dream of it still
I want that feeling and i want that thrill
I've always loved you and i always will
Take me home

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