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Jamie Lidell

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Date de parution : 18/02/2013

Durée : 0:04:16

Style : Alternative

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You can make it up?
Cause theres nothing broke we cant repair
You can make it up first base?
Cause tearin up this love aint fair

Dont you love me, dont you love me anymore?
Dont you love me anymore?
Dont you love me anymore?
Please say
Say it aint so

Weve been making up a ton
Running into the same things everyday
We need a new direction
Cause sooner? we can go on this way


Baby just not there
Got a million things to get
Baby you just wont share
Tryin to meet your eyes and all i get is your cold stare
Show me if you care

Please, say, say you love me baby
Aw, just dont say youre leaving me alone

Manifest go changin
Baby lets embrace that change
No matter what that change is
Lovin for you, it stays the same
So lets change it up

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