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Miss Joyce

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Verse 1

There is no since in me, wasting time
I saw you standing there in line and i want to make you mine
I just want to love you baby
I need you in my life to stay


Don't you want to roll, don't you want to roll with me tonight
And if you want to roll, i can show you i can make it right

Verse 2

You have that certain something that i cant explain
Every time i hear your voice i fall in love again
Just take my hand so we can run freely, into the place we were destined to be

Repeat chorus


Can't you feel it?
Time and space can't come between us
Can't you hear it, the sounds of love its not just lust
You will see it as you surrender all you have to give
Cant deny this, what we have found is really real

Repeat chorus

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