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Beyonce Knowles

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Yo a yo i was on the plane with the wayne.
You can call me whitley i go to hill mane.
Listen, i'm the baddest in the school, the baddest in the game.
Excuse me honey but nobody's in my lane.
When you was in new york, you was fuckin' the yankee.
I was fuckin' with base i was pitchin' to franky.
These bitches so cranky, give them a hanky.
My mommy i'm cold gimme my blanky
Flyer then a kite i get higher then rapunzel.
Keep the snow white i could buy it buy the bundle.
Step your cookies up for they crumble.
Don't be actin' like the cardinals and gone fumble (fumble)
'cause i'm a steeler fresh up out the dealer.
All the dope boys gone steal her. flow so sick i need a healer.
Fuck, is my mac concealer.
I be out in queens on the back of fort weep
Weep da weep da wheelers i'm a big bill.
That's why i get more head than a pig tale.
Puts some mansh i'm gettin' the munchies.
I think i have a wrap bitch from a entree'

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