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Brian Kirk And The Jirks

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I know of a girl who'll stab you in the heart
You'll wake up suddenly to find your house is blown apart
She'll stick needles in your arms and chuckle while you bleed
And stuff her bra with screwdrivers and fix your car for free
Keep her away from me, keep her away
Do me a favor ask her nicely
Stay the fuck away
Turned up the heater in my aquarium last night
And in the morning ate my angel fish with a frosty miller lite
She put ink around my bong that caused a ring around my lips
Then threw my stoned ass down the stairs; that's how i
Broke my hip
Pushed me down the seawall where i was dancing on a rock-
Then spilled my beer on an extension cord; that's how i
Burnt my...
Keep her away from me i'm drinking on the beach
The sun went down the band came on
I love donovan's reef

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