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Life is life and love is love and with you girl am falling in love
I dont know how it beggan and am not enjoying it cause to me it isnt fun
When you talk of your life with another one i can be your man take you out sometimes
But its hard to accept am in love easpecially with you and not another one
I want to come near you and tell it all but the feeling inside prevent me cause i dont want to hart you at all and of which i did not say today may be i will say it tommorrow and if we wll not meet then the next day that will follow keep on trying my lack and we can make it if we can i over heard you through your conversation and what you said made me call some friends for a cerebration
That you have not yet found you true love who any girl could want that character to have
My encouragement is for to never give up maybe the chance is there but you wonna waste it up i would encourage you to go for it and it will go for you and you will both have it

You dont know what you mean cause if you do you would know its you and me
And you mean much than you know to me please dont be mean
The feeling is equal and for the best and with me you will have no regret
See am not engaged and you are not engaged but trust me we can be engaged
See alot of girls come and we spend time together but non of that is better than the time we spend me and you together
I can tell you words i cant dare tell another one because its you am in love with an not another
Me and you having a kind together you be the mother and i the father
The kind could be half me and half you and the family i want to beggin i will beggin it with you
See i wailk and out of no expectation meet you and my word tilt from what i wanted to say to you

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