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Ooh baby

Boy weve been together for so long
And we were like lovebirds
We were crazy little people
In our own little worlds!

But then you cheated on me
And left me in the dust
Boy dont ask me back
Im not taking you crap

Dont go there
Youve done it once
Youve done it twice
I cant take the habit anymore
Ive gave you a thousand chances
I cant take you back
Im sorry baby
But dont go there

Every day you call me
On the telephone
Saying "baby i want u"
But i say no
And i hang up
How come your such a fool?
You need'a learn how to treat a lady right
And know how to do me right
But youve never done that
To me!!

(chorus 2x)

Dont go there
Baby, dont go there
Dont go there
Baby, dont go there

Dont go there

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