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(pt lauren)
Look now and you'll waste the day
And i won't see through your heart anyway
We'll shake hands and we'll crawl again
And i really think you are my friend
And when you scream like hell
I will burn your eyes : can't watch me as i tell
Something old , very well
Now i know why i'm in knots:
I covered everything with dots
That come and go as they please
Don't look at these
Right now this is real
And just 'cause i forgot to feel
And here i am on my knees
Don't look at these
Wake up and hate today
And i have to knock you out 'til may
Brainwashed and delirious i am:
The only thing that i'd like save
So if you know my name
It is comforting to know that we are the same:
When the jig is up we are lame

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