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Zion I

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**not included on all versions**
(birds eye view - view
I be with you
I be there with you
I be with you
I be there with you
I got a birds eye view- view
I be with you
I be there with you)

Wake up, gunshots in the city
Hustlers on the corner, gonna get more busy
Gunshots, young stunna got caught up
Clock big numbers, too bad got started
Stunt now, you gonna pay later
Big booty girl, that's a black mans savior
Servin', hit the block and we pervin'
Roll real slow when the cut like a surgeon
Turf chick, smurf it, give you work quick
Get caught sippin', get sick is it worth it?
Hell nah, but the job fill timers
Got a good girl in my eyes she the flyest
Can't sleep, streets stay heated
Ghetto connoisseur, i know you see it
Posted, while my cousins gettin' toasted
Got a big beat so fat you can smoke it.

Don't- d- don't loose ya
Don't loose your head (x9!)

Ay, skyscrapers, high from the vapors
See us drop by, ain't no way it's gonna shake us
Earthquake us, shittin on the richter
Party at the crib bring a friend and her sister
Cruise by, homie dudes stay fly
D-u-s-t in the back, lets ride
Dipped in the caddy, stuntin' like my daddy
Slouch real low, buds fall out the baggy
Yoke in a circle, pullin' on purple
Flow to the show, although no rehearsal
Got stress? better let that rest
D-boys get annoyed leave a void in your chest
Yes, all bad when you act too good
Roll with the punches i think you should
Get smart, we'd rather go dumb
Big base in your face make your brain go numb.

Don't- d- don't loose ya
Dont loose your head (x9!)

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