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The life you chose
There's never a list for it
Of cons and pros
You find what you love,
And you commit

And you're looking so far down
The road so well
That you could forget your crown
Isn't just somewhere else

You get bumped and bruised
And worse
For choosing the road
Less traveled
You know the reward is rich
If you persist through
The darkest battles
Open your eyes
Your prize is right
Before you somehow
Whatever you do,
Just don't miss now

You're on a bus
Don't notice the miles
And months fly by
To the rest of us
You're living
The highest kind of life

I know the price you pay
Is costlier than it seems
But it's worth another day
The end justifies your means

All that you're working for
Could blind you to
The treasures all around you
So don't miss these
Moments, please
The joy before
The crown you seek

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