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Here we go

Im just steppen in the room like
Waiten for the tune like
Checkin for he boom right there
Im just steppin in the room like
Waiten for the base line
Speakers that can dry my hair
Im just lookin in yr eyes like
Poppin like we pop this there
Im just bangin on the beat like
Checkin how your feet like
Tip it like you just dont care
Dance like you neverdid dance before
Got love for beat but hate for the floor
What you waiten for
Its time for your feet to get sore to core
When your soul is raw

Its got yo hypnotised
No beat to hard to ride
Like club'll be shakin
Here we'll be waiten
Coz i dont play nice
This girl should be hitten you to
Should be spitten you so
Just close your eyes
Coz love will be shakin
Here we'll be waiten
Coz i dont play nice

Im just checkin out the battle in
Checkin out whats happening
Checking if the djs hot
Im just chillen like a rapperin
Got my ears a happerin
Dj put it down one notch
Boy friend showin off the plattinum
Girlie goes a chattenin
Waiten for my tune then watch
Hear these lyrics that yappin in here
The peice btterin
If you relly think its thrust
Drop to your knees over beats like these
Pick it up
Bring it back
Let me take my seige
When i hit the points
They all want a peice of me

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