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J Lethal

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I'm killing these hoes like jason voorhees
I hit from the back until she get sore knees
Every time she give me head i be like, more please
Then i'm gone by the morning, trying to see more g's
Yeah i'm dope, i'm dope, all my shit is dope
Every line so dope you can snort it like it's coke
I'm a beast, i'm an ass, i'm ahead of my class
You some garbage ass rappers so i throw you in the trash
And no, that's not a diss, we don't play that over here
Chopper hit ya neck, leave ya head hanging like a chandelier
Still flexing on these niggas like i'm hulk hogan
Money over bitches is a lifestyle, not a slogan
Yes, i'm trying to see mo' dough
Pockets stay green, looking like them bitches frodo
I am a dragon, yes i'm talking komodo
I strong arm rap, i got this game up in a choke-hold
Put that dick up in her windpipe, just right
That's right, i'm fresh, i'm ill, i'm ripe
Pull a 1-8-7 on a undercover cop
Or a pussy nigga snitching, got my trigger finger itching
I'm a beast, you a pet, we can put it up and bet
My chopper is a dog and you gon' make it have to fetch
Ask anybody bitch, i'm the mvp
On my casper shit, baby boy you can't see me
I'm in this game, for the motherfucking long haul
I take yo chick and make that bitch feel both balls
What's popping kemosabe, you can catch me in the lobby
And i keep an extra clip, yeah that mac is right beside me
Bitch, my flow is like lighting up gas
I'm a monster everyday and i don't even need a mask
Fuck with me wrong, get a foot up in yo ass
Throw a stack at ya face, do my dance, then laugh
I'm adept at these waters, just like a fucking shark
I get that pussy wet, just like a water park
You can't tell me what i know, 'cause i know i be the illest
Bred true from day one, recognize me as the realist
Bitch i'm the shit, you are just a turd
Throw some bread out, that bullshit is for the birds
Still killing these pussies, like i'm michael myers
Human torch here responsible for all fires
You can hear it in my voice, i'm really really ready, man
Chopping niggas down like i got the freddy krueger hand
I'm kind of fucking psycho, don't make me have to do it, man
Heat on my hip, make yo ass have to get a tan
Click, clack, blam, then ya brains go splat
All my 3-1-3 niggas stand up, where you at
I beat the beat up like muhammad ali
No need to look further, i'm the best i see

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