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Ah, to the beat yall, yes, yes, yall
Salt-n-pepas here with a brand new call
People are saying, "no, it just cant be them"
But yes, its salt-n-pepa on the mic again

Here to let you know how the rhymes just go
When its time to pick up the microphone
And let the voice flow, so yo steevee-o, let the beat go
Whether its fast or slow or medium tempo

No one can ever flow smooth as this
Whether hes a mister or shes a miss
So come one, come all, ya gotta bust a sound
Or rather the rhyme will just gather around

To see the doper than dope ones, fulfill the circumference
Go out and buy an amp so that you can pump this
Its startin to irk me, yo, salt, what irks you?
Other mc's couldnt fill up a circle with fans

While we were on vacation you couldnt complete your end
Salt-n-pepa now were back and again featuring
Spinderella, shes not a fella but a pro
And on the wheels of steel, good to go

Cuttin up a storm, sometimes its frightening
First comes the rain then strike the lightning
Doper than dope, can anyone cope? yes
Maybe, ah, nope, so why do you persist and try?

Look me right in the eye and tell me are you that fly?
That you can pick up the microphone, we stake the mic alone
Hope that you never run into salt-n-pepa
'cuz were doper than dope, doper than dope, doper than dope

Yo, its been a long time but now were back
Salt-n-pepas gettin funky on a brand new track
And more up to par, swift like a car
Stickin to your mouth like rooftop tar

Leaving a scar on those who spar, so pass the cigar
Or get a drink from the bar, lyrics gonna flood your mind
Like a reservoir, here they are, come and join the salt-n-pepa
Seminar, the rhymes are refined, some call them bizarre

But they can catch your ears like a bass guitar
And speakin of base, why did ya in the first place?
Walkin around town till i see you face to face
You didnt wanna speak so i rested my case

And now youre feelin kinda fragile like an antique vase
But dont worry friends or even give up hope
'cuz this time were hyper than hype on the mic
Call us doper than dope, doper than dope

Spinderella, where ya at? give us a funky scratch
This is it, this is it, gettin doper than doper than
Dope can get, uh, hit me two times

Three, two, one break down, ya broke up
'cuz you started speakin when you shouldnt have spoke up
You went the wrong way, you shouldnt have tried
To dis salt-n-pepa 'cuz half steppers gettin fried

'cuz these females at five minutes a beat
Is all it takes for us to take control seven days a week
Youre wack, stick to your skeezin please
And lets not waste time on the weak mc's

'cuz theyre unreal and were the real deal
'cuz we reveal the real sex appeal
Yo fellas, you want some, come and get some
Doper than dope rhymes, so i can hit some

Musical notes that can hypnotize
Keep your eyes on the lips, hips and thighs
Try to concentrate on the whole scenery
'cuz this is salt and the pepa mc

Yo, here to rock right with the idol makers clan, theres steevee-o
Hurby the luv bug and also the invincibles, fat doug
Dre and bougie and much more, so get your vcr
And pick my fuji tape and rush for your house

Dont move slow 'cuz you might miss the main idols
In the video, you guessed it, yes its no joke
Salt-n-pepa's on the mic gettin, what?
Gettin doper than doper than doper than dope

Enough, why? 'cuz this aint your average stuff
And when it comes to rockin rhymes, salt-n-pepa dont bluff
We were the show stoppers that took your men
We made you shake it then you push it and we started a trend

But this trend is kinda different, its not a gold rope
This time its salt-n-pepa, spinderella gettin doper than dope
Doper than dope, doper than dope, doper than dope
Doper than dope, doper than dope

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