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Die Krupps

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We walk together
One as one
A new existence
Has begun

And when i stumble
He steps in
And fills the gap
An evil twin

I follow you
You follow me
There's no difference to see

You get the blame
For what i do
Noone believes you

Your carelessness
Will set me free
I will be you
You will be me

I take your honour
I take your fame
All in your name
All in your name

I kiss your lover
Play the game
All in your name
All in your name

A dark companion
On my track
A dark companion
Behind my back

And when i turn
- he disappears
I'm left alone
With nagging fears

Your carelessness...
I take your honout...

Always on your mind
Always by your side
Always close behind

The doppelganger

I follow you...

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