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Toy Dolls

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He's a trainspotter, hes an anorak
He's a nerd, you've heard the word, a dork, a maniac
He's a pratt, hes a geek, a freak, he's one o'those
Squarest tassers in the street, n' everbodys knows

Dorkamania, he's goininsania
I never met a moron who is more mundania
Dorkamania, he's gott a be brainia
But what's he gonna do when he gets there
Coz it's all

In ornathology, hes got a phd
He's a master, bater, taken to the 1st degree
Grand world class chess champions,
The wally worships these
He's a bore, i've said before, and we all agree

It's... dorkamania

He's absurd, there ain't a bird i've heard
That he can pull
They say he's facinatin' till they date him,
Then they hate him
We've never met a bloke so dull.

So the silly sad get's surfin' on the internet
Hes out to find arsehole mate, he's found nobody yet
Is there anybody out there, that will be my pal?
I don't need a nutter, just somebody abnormal


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