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You shall not breathe again...

I want you dead!
I want you dead!
I want to drain the inside of your head!

I will eat your flesh...
As i skin you, eat it fresh!

I would kill your children, and rape your wife!
But they aren't really an important part of your life!

You're a double crossing little prick,
Knowing you breathe makes me sick...

I want to bathe in your pulp,
Soak in your blood!
I would masturbate with your intestines,
If i could!

You should die, you know you should!

I will hang your skull in my room,
Beat it everyday, with a broom!

It will dangle from two strings,
Hooked in your upper eye socket rings!

For warmth, i'll burn all your fat,
And i'll feed pieces of your brain to stray cats!

I want to kill you,
Not just for fun!
I will be avenging for everyone!

I will dangle you muscle between my teeth,
I love to taste bastard meat!
I might keep a few bones, just to beat!

I love hating you...
The rest of the world hates you too!

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