Paroles de Double life

Ryan Mcmahon

pochette album Double life
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Date de parution : 15/04/2008

Durée : 0:02:44

Style : Rock

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Double life but i'm 0-2
All i've gots is a talkin' stew
I am me so how do you do today?

I woke up late with the stomach flu
Wrote the 'down' down and it's all untrue
There's nothing left i can put you through this way

'cause the summer's still on its way
With the promise of a better day
But it all falls apart with a cheating false start
And the better days gone by again

Double-wide but i'm thin like you
A few more ryes and we'll get there soon
Nobody hurts if nobody moves away

A little less but we'll make do
Keeping the faith that'll push us through
There's no avenue that i won't pursue or play

You know my better days
They've gone by again

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