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A dog and pony show. the man of the hour sits and lies poker faced on my tv screen. i guess it don't mean a thing to lie under oath, then abuse the power to doublespeak your way to liberty. i'm starting to believe you inhaled the weed. would you please bend over so i could blow some smoke up your ass. this stinky cigar is making me choke on the words that are written for me. oral sex isn't sex if it's performed on the commander in chief. now read my fish stinking lips that kiss babies one second later in that woman ms. lewinski. it's political dialect, it's doublespeak. the new jersey state 5-0 they abused their power, criticized for racial profiling. it don't seem fair to me, at newark airport they stop the men in towels, singled out check their bags before they board the plane. where's reverend al to protest for habib? now would you please bend over so i can blow some smoke up your ass. i'm fat cause i ate half the words that i spoke in the name of equality. if he were still alive you would piss off martin luther king. another preacher getting rich by manipulating the public like he manipulated tawanna brawley. it's politically incorrect.

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