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Reema Major

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Date de parution : 08/10/2012

Durée : 0:02:16

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Yeah g7,
Reema major, so so major
Now i want you to lay it down for them
Know what im saying reema?
Give them that double time flow
Yea g7

All the little girls
Want to do what i do
Got a dope, dope style
And im really, really cool
I snap on the track
Every time that i rap
And ill clap any rat
That be trying talk back
Forty-four or the mac
I don't know how to act
Yeah handle my drank
So i never ever yack
Smoke a blunt to the face
Take a trip to the moon
Buffoon yous no goon
Yous a fucking cartoon
Make room when i come through
Im so bossy
Wrist hella frosty
Shoes mad costly
But it don't phase me
Im real crazy
Pretty like a daisy
F-you pay me
Whoa, how you
Think im really gone stop
On da tippy tippy top
Og'z give me props
Go head and call the cops
But ill never get caught
You can do what you do
But you'll never get hot
As long as im here
Have a lot of fear
I aint have to wig it out
Cause i gots a lotta hair
Cute, im fly
Im fresh like soap
Spit that crack
So they call me kid dope
Yeah im ill,
Mother fucka im ill
I eat what i want to
Just put it on my bill

Unstoppables an understatement
When describing moi
I mess around and make
Yah cake disappear
Like wallah
Thats grimy try me
I be warning them kindly
Honey don't ever cross me
Consequences is costly
Awfully flossy
Wrist is frosty
Yeah im bossy
Niggas tell your bitches to get off me
Killer demeanor
My name is reema
Im hella meana
I come and took it all in one swipe
Her buzz is sinking
I renamed her titanic
I hop on stage
And the whole room
Gets utterly manic
Second time around
Yeah i slowed it down
For them slow listeners
Roll wit them sharpies
And them autographs for fan pictures
They feeling the kid
They digging the swag
Whoa im in the truck
Buck yous in a cab
Aw, im at the counter
Bitch you peeping the tag
Boo, you doing naddah
But im up in the lab
And its a wrap

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