Paroles de Doubt

Bella Morte

pochette album Doubt
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Date de parution : 01/12/2009

Durée : 0:05:12

Style : Rock

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Would i call your name
Through the ruins of emptied halls?
Could i see your face
Within passions yet unborn?
Speak fragile truths into the air
So new and cold
Could i lie to you?
Could i live this life alone?

Fade to the year's cascading dreams of hope and light
Through vacant thoughts the eve is found in stormy skies
To the years cascading dreams of hope and loss
Our painted world shall see an end to all we find

Would i take your hand
Would i lead you from the mist
In another place
Where the sun can never set?
Years carry us into the certainty of doubt
Could i lie to you?
Could i leave you here alone?

Soon enough the ice will break
Falling down lost in melting years
Soon enough the dawn awakens
Holding tight memories of our love
And our loss

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