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The Men They Couldt Hang

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Waiting for morning on the ferry boat deck 5 miles out of calais
Tired and cold and wet to the skin watching the waves and the spray
Ten years have gone by like the roll of the tide since i signed for the
Merchant marine
Now all i want is dry land and a home in a country that i've rarely seen
Home, hurry home
To valleys green
And cliffs so tall and so white
Home, hurry home
I can see the lights of dover through the night
Teachers of england instructed me well, strength comes from iron and fire
Freedom was won from the barrel of a gun, law comes from palace and spire
I carried the wealth of this land 'cross the sea till the ships and the cargoes
Grew slack
Now many jack tar is washed up in a bar and many ships will never come back
The ship's bar is closed, there's a gang of fifteen talking of flags and of
Drunken with fighting the face of john bull stands for violence, england and god
Did i dream a dream of a homeland so distantly remembered
Of warmth, work, welfare, peace for all?

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