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Dj Mtid

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Down 4 da count
By; dj mtid
You constantly beat me into the ground
Im constantly lost and rarely found
When i turn my back on him i feel like im down for da count

I feel like im losing dis fight i fight with all my might but i still cant see da light my life is covered in darkness and i feel so heartless instead of god i live for dis world i feel like this world is beating me down pound for pound and round for round
So you constantly beat me into da ground im constantly lost and rarely found when i turn my back on him like sonny liston im down for da count

I still be losin dis fight and i dont know what to do all of a sudden out of nowhere sin comes in and clocks me with a nasty right hook im on the ground feelin like i got hit with a text book i was knocked down as my vision blurs i hear da ref countin just then i had a flash back i was prayin when my manager said yo man you wack the count was just about at 9 i realized i had nothing i could do but to call on god then like a ribbon my sin was unfurled

I saw god come down and beat satan pound for pound and round for round

Wait the momentum stopped for a second i thought satan got rocked but he was still on his feet but i thought he was beat but i realized something i left god halfway locked out god gets hit by satan and is downed i get fully surrendered right at that moment and satan laughs in gods face and says is that all you got then right at the count of three god rises backup and clocks satan with a hard shot like a cinderblock hear the ref count and i hear 10 thats it its over gods title still remains as the world heavenly weight champion