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Romeo Williams

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Young killa
Step in the building
Everybody know we hear to party
I got burn em
Fresh to come
Everything that im doing
Ain't been done
You ain't one
Been balling at the age of 6
New york knicks
Fresh new kicks
All you girls better form a line
Doing your shit
I wanna make you mine
Hold up
Im swerving
Switching lanes
New bands
Thats my brand
Rolling timberlands
Im killing shit
Your eating shit
Dont be made
Coz your bitch chose me
Not my fault she wants me
I was raised in adelaide
Playing this game
Makin it, remade
Your nigga get it straight
Dont look at me i ain't in your level
Im educated
Came faster than the terminator
Dressing in black like a skater
With love no hater
All you niggas know i'm better
At the age of 16 man
Doing big things
I see you dudes tryna act like me
Dress like me
All this women be fallin
For a young nigga thats balling
We crusin
We got a bitch she losin
Me and the nigga we killing shit
King shit, we ending this
Oh kill em felix


Walk in the building and shut it down
Chain that i'm wearing coast 100pound
Paper stuck oversized
Filp that and they all lies
Forget that i'm indeskies
West cost black gosht
In the party super faded dark night
I'm shade i always been hated
I'm the best put that on my chest
Black and white vest picked up
Rapping in the nest
Like a bird i do fly
You better then me who lie
Girl tripping all on me
Pass it to the homie
Time to light a tree
Never wife a free
Knew i was gone make
It at the age of three
Now 15 and killing it
Yeah you feeling it
I'm vibing they living do
Thing girl i ain't mad at all
Bad little mama and she kinda
Tall kinda my vans off the wall
Swag killa young mac miller
Music so thrill you thick mj back
You other niggers
Ain't on my level i'm red hot
Like the devil
Praise me to the most fly prada
To the most high ala
Baby im magic tadha
All locked up
Hand cuffed
This nigga cant do it
Why you cuffin her
Bad key tryna heal me
But im permanently infected
I just got injected
This nigas cant stop rappin
Its in my dna
Bad liltle mamma and im say hey
Its my pay day ak
All day on this niggas