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Vic Mensa

pochette album Down on my luck
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Date de parution : 01/01/2014

Durée : 0:03:29

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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When i get down on my luck i hide behind my eyes in hollywood
They saying what you know, but who you know
You need to know someone or know no one
When i get down on my luck
I roll one up and roll around all by my lonesome
Lost some years, i used to know, i know my faith like bullets in a shotgun

(verse 1)
She loves to dream, living in and off and out her mind
To space and time, she taste the line, the lies, the life
Of where you might just say she stays to go nowhere
Midnight scenes from an old romantic movie
Usually you'll be there today i say what's different
I can take you if you're wondering, if you wanna go there
No, no, no, no
Love, love, love, love

Do you think about things you say you don't?
Baby, i know you do, why-why is she over-clue?
Ooh look at you, look at you
Do you think things to stoop who you know?
Cause i told you too, why you listen to 'em?
Hands up, middle finger to 'em
Fuck that, get down


When i get down on my luck, when i get down on my luck
When i get down on my luck, when i get down on my luck
Down on my luck, down on my luck


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