Paroles de Down on the drag

Ely Joe

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(butch hancock)

Down on the drag...down on the drag
Where some low down son of a bum
Even stole my sleepin bag
Left me standin at the newstand
Readin want ads in the rag
My baby's back up in lubbock
And i'm...down on the drag

Well the sooner i get to houston
The sooner i'll catch me a boat
I'm gonna cross that gulf of mexico
I'm takin anything that will float
I been.....

Well the sooner i leave this town behind
The sooner i'll get control
Of all my dirty dreams and my hard losin schemes
My heart...body...mind...and soul
I been............

If you don't believe my story
I ain't gonna tell you no more
And if you ever expect to see me anymore
I'll be sleepin down in some doorway

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